old is the new modern?


recently I have seen more and more fashion brands to either reuse clothing or some others to reuse it in creating limited fashion

 After Green Peace publishing the current Detox report and documentary "The True Cost" it has opened eyes to a lot of people both consumers and producers.

Recycling, reusing and repairing is a habit that nowadays people are avoiding. It is easier to just go to a shop or online shop, buy cheap clothing, that cannot be recycled, and after a while just throws it out, just because it was so cheap. 

When I grew up, my grandmother and mom taught me about repairing broken things and as they liked to do handcrafts like knitting and sewing, I tried to maintain that myself. Nowadays I like to go to thrift shops or some vintage stores to find some pearls. 

Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live

                                                                    -Gianni Versace

how can you start shopping responsibly?

1  for online shops, make sure you sign up to their email list, as they have weekly discounts

2  make a list of all the thrift shops nearby and note when they get new arrivals, that way you're able to get first dibs on the new items

3  look in your own closet, try to see each piece in a new light, perhaps pairing it with new accessories you have

4  reuse your old clothes, either creating new clothes or making useful objects, like t-shirts into pillowcases or tights into carpet 

5  have a swap party with your friends, changing clothes you no longer need, want or wear, having something new from friends and sharing stories about some certain outfits and events

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