About me

adventurous, cunning, positive

the girl

28 year old girl from Latvia

my home is wonderful Hallberg - Rassy 41 Dora the Explorer

have sailed in Baltic Sea, North Sea and Atlantic Ocean with yachts Spaniel, Lietuva, Mare, Angustora, RO and sailing vessel Brabander

participated in the Tall Ships Races Norway-Denmark 

wishes to be part of the Ocean race and sail the oceans

language fanatic (speaks 4, reads 2, learning 1)


i discovered sailing when i was in University, it was part of Erasmus+ project and after 2 weeks of intense sailing in stormy weather, i promised myself "never again!" here i am 9 years later and still sailing and discovering more

i have joined Sail Training Association Latvia (STA Latvia) and have sailed with different yachts

currently planning to sail in Baltic Sea during summer 2024, then go to Mediterranean Sea for winter and prepare for crossing Atlantic Ocean 

zero waste lifestyle

some time ago i started to think what kind of impact does my everyday life decisions make on environment, so i read about pollution, global warming and how it could be changed

i am proud supporter of 4Ocean, TreeTribe, Pela and local stores where you can buy products without packaging

discovered wonders of bamboo toothbrushes and amazing handmade lavender body scrubs 

i want to advertise and talk more about how each and every one of you impacts our planet and discover new ways to create better and safer world around us

reuse, recycle, reduce

© 2018 sailing latvian
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