first meeting with the boat


Everyone has a passion. For some it's gardening, for some it's animals. Mine is sailing. I have sailed for 3 years now and opportunity has risen for me to go on adventure that others could only dream about! There is a wonderful Hallberg-Rassy 41 boat that I have permission to sail around the world! 

I had my first meeting with the owner and the boat on 1st December. Yacht is located in Sweden and built in 1976. Although it's 43 years old, it is in a really good condition. 

more about the boat:

A total of 105 hulls were built. The Hallberg-Rassy 41 quickly became a trend-setter. This was the first boat with a proper walk through to the aft-cabin below deck and the first Hallberg-Rassy with a blue stripe around the cockpit.  is a long distance cruiser with the keel and rudder separated, and among other things a brim around the cockpit, which is slightly elevated, to give room for the passage below deck.   

I am excited to make plans and fix up the boat for the adventure that is ahead of me! 

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